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University of Miami Lakeside Village Student Housing

University of Miami Lakeside Village Student Housing

Coral Gables

Built in 2020.

Designed by Arquitectonica.

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The University of Miami Lakeside Village student housing one-of-a-kind design takes inspiration from its immediate surroundings. The approach to the project was to take into account and incorporate all aspects of sustainability and wellness. The result is an integrated Miami modern living approach to academic and student services, event and recreational spaces, and locations for retail spaces redefining the meaning of what it means to live and learn at the university of Miami. Lakeside Village was master planned with the university quad concept and sustainability in mind. By raising the building 25 FT off the ground on “pilotis” it allows the students to pass though the building to and from classes. The interconnected buildings feature 60,000 SF of sloped green roofs with a layer of grass, reducing the development’s carbon footprint. The green roofs help to reduce solar heat gain and also collect rainwater used on the landscaping. The project was approached from the standpoint of maximizing the frontage of Lake Osceola, integrating a strong sense of connectivity to the existing campus by creating paths and view corridors strategically on the ground level, and introducing spaces that strengthen student life and wellness. The overall shape of the building frames an internal courtyard surrounded by semi-public spaces such as classrooms, an arrival lobby, a multi-use hall and auditorium, multipurpose halls, commercial spaces, a centralized mail hub for all student housing, and pop-up space. The balance of the building frames an outdoor recreation space and lawn that front the central campus lake. By creating this space on the ground, not only does the building promote wellness, outdoor gathering and recreation, but the shape allows many more dorms to have a view of the lake. By breaking up the overall building into smaller components connected by bridges it creates a village rather than a single structure. These bridges on the interior create interior gathering and study spaces. Wellness is a critical component of the interior as well, probably most notably represented by the hurricane stairs. They take on a very sculptural and free-flowing form that represent the movement of students within the building and the promotion of using stairs to enhance wellness. Lakeside Village also takes into account health and wellness and was specially designed to help promote positive outcomes like academic performance, sleep, and teaching students about healthy lifestyles. The project gives students the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of programs and events with particular emphasis on student belonging and cultural exploration, intellectual engagement, community living, campus connections, and personal development.

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